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Best Web Hosting Companies

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What is Web Hosting?

In simple terms, Web Hosting is a service provider that allows us to post web pages on the internet. Through web site hosting service both individuals and organizations get the space on servers for their websites so as to access via the World Wide Web.

The computer at the web hosting companies is just like your home PC but it serves the websites and thus the name server. Some large web hosts own a datacenter (known as collection of servers) and resell the space to the smaller ones who rent this space to the third party.

With increasing technology and sound infrastructure, thousands of companies have started operating affordable web hosting services with different plans to suit the needs of the user.

HOSTGATOR - Popular Affordable Web Hosting

affordable web hosting company hostgator
HostGator is the BEST affordable web hosting company which gets consistent high review on all web site hosting related forums and discussion boards. Not only the personal and business websites but also the Fortune 500 listed companies are the esteem clients of HostGator.

Get unbelievable 25% Discount before the offer ends.

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BLUEHOST - Reliable Affordable Web Hosting Services

affordable web hosting company bluehost
With over 570,000 domains hosted, BlueHost is surely one of the most respected web hosting companies on the net. It stands differentiated and hailed by the users as the most reliable and affordable web hosting offering comprehensive web hosting solution with full functionality to all the online business owners at an affordable cost.

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HOSTMONSTER - Best Affordable Web Hosting Company

affordable web hosting companies hostmonster
HostMonster is one of the best web hosting companies in the market. They have been providing high quality web site hosting services since its inception in 1996. Its affordable web hosting package is filled with lots of features and applications including unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Though it follows BlueHost to some extent, it's unique with respect to its exclusive offers.

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LUNARPAGES - Affordable Web Hosting Company

affordable web hosting company lunarpages
LunarPages affordable web hosting is known for its rock solid infrastructure which utilises the services of three unparalleled data centers for exceptional redundancy. It has gained a good reputation in the web hosting business due to its competitive features. There are over 150,000 highly satisfied customers all over the world.

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IXWebHosting - Best Affordable Web Hosting

affordable web hosting company IXWebHosting
IXwebhosting offers its customers all the regular features provided by the industry leaders and some additional innovative features at affordable price. With multiple plans in its kitty, IXWebHosting offers high quality web hosting services to small personal, experienced webmaster and corporate clients.

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Common Features Of WebHosting Companies:

Whatever may be the web site hosting plan, all of them have some common features:

Different Types Of Web Site Hosting:

As I informed in the previous notes, there are different types of Web Hosting Companies. I don’t want you to go into the depth, but you should have clear information on the all types of web site hosting.

1. Free Web Site Hosting:

There are many web hosting companies that allow free hosting setup. This looks like sub-domain hosting because your website has the url in the form of This may be right for any single web page which is suitable for personnel use. But the main problem with the free web site hosting is its banner ads on every web page you host. It may be at the top or bottom or simply besides your content. If you don’t care about the vital features like reliability, performance and customer support, then you can surely opt free web hosting companies.

2. Shared Web Site Hosting:

This is the most commonly preferred type of web site hosting where you share the virtual hosting with others by paying monthly or yearly fee. In the shared web hosting package, you get a small amount of disk space and low bandwidth per month. If you are ready to pay $5-8 per month, then you can get reliable and reasonable disk space and a good amount of bandwidth per month. With this affordable web hosting, you can host thousands of files on your site.

3. Dedicated Web Site Hosting:

The dedicated web site hosting means you have the full server dedicated to your website. With this you can enjoy lots of bandwidth and lots of disk space exclusive for your site. As it being very expensive (somewhere costs above $100 per month), only web hosting companies and resellers opt to this type of dedicated web site hosting.

4. Colocated Web Site Hosting:

Everything is similar to that dedicated web site hosting but the only difference with colocated web site hosting is you own the server rather than renting it. You are required to pay for the maintenance and bandwidth connection costs incurred. The collocated web hosting companies are mainly suited for those that need absolute control over their server configuration.

What type of Web Site Hosting is suitable for me?

Do not get confused with the different types of web site hosting listed above. The selection of the best web hosting company for your website is primarily based on your needs and goals. It includes your purpose, disk spaced required, bandwidth amount, scripting language, support, price and many more.

1. Disk Space:

A typical web page is of about 40-50 KB. But do remember that images consume a lot of disk space. Unless you are developing a big jumbo site, 30MB disk space is more than enough. Due to the decreasing hard disk costs, even the web hosting companies have started offering large amount of disk space.

2. Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is a measure of how much web traffic is available for you on monthly basis. Most commonly, 99% of the all websites use less than 3 GB of bandwidth per month. The exceptions include software, audio and video download websites that may use your bandwidth at a faster rate. Even adult websites consume a large amount of bandwidth. Leaving the rare exceptions, 5GB bandwidth is okay.

3. E Mail Accounts:

How many email accounts do you access everyday? Two…Three…Maximum of Five! So I think the web hosting company that caters 10 email accounts is more than enough. However, if you feel that you require more email accounts then you can definitely use them.

4. Server Type:

Generally for web hosting companies, Windows 2000 based servers are a bit more expensive than that of Linux based servers. If you are very particular in running Microsoft SQL server database and using Microsoft Active Server pages, then you should opt to Windows 2000 based server. If you have a small web site and you are not particular about the server than any type would be OK.

5. Extras Features:

If you plan a small website then you don’t need any extra features. A simple hosting plan will be more than enough. But if you are a web designer looking for complex database then you would definitely have an idea of what you’re interested in whether it may be programming language or script. Otherwise, the terms like ASP, PHP, Perl/CGI, JSP, ColdFusion, SQL server, mySQL etc are simply confusing.

6. Customer Tech Support:

Just remember provision of 24/7 phone support costs to web hosting companies. Don’t end up paying high for a plan if you do not need that critical customer support. Even though not a compulsion, all most all the best web hosting companies provide a good tech support round the clock.

After analyzing your needs and goals, the next step in selecting the best web hosting services is to conduct a review on the reputed cum affordable web hosting companies available in the market. Before going deep into the web hosting reviews, you should first assess what actually affordable web hosting is?

In simple terms, Affordable Web Hosting gets your site on the web without breaking the bank. Generally speaking best affordable web hosting is the one which offers web hosting services at cut-rate prices less than $8/month providing a good deal of valuable extras at a fairly nominal cost.

The affordable web hosting companies provide a key stepping stone for users looking to from free web hosting to paid hosting, but do not want to pay a large monthly fee. Hence it serves a greater portion of webmasters that are interested in making BIG success on the web.

This website is a web hosting reviews site but with a difference. We have selected some of the world’s Best Web Hosting Companies and reviewed them. All the web hosting reviews on our site are based on the reviews submitted by past or present customers of that particular web hosting in various forums. The website provides an access to the list of Best Affordable Web Hosting services. These reliable web hosting companies below has been selected based on popularity, performance, feature, support quality and price. Higher rating hosting are usually has better feature over price ratio. The review ultimately guides you to pick the right affordable web hosting for your site and thus saving hundreds of dollars.

Check List Requirements For Affordable Web Hosting:

As you know that there are many parameters to take a decision on Affordable Web Hosting, I would list out the important check list requirements to qualify for the best web site hosting company.

How to select the best affordable web hosting company for your website?

There are hundreds of affordable web hosting companies in the industry. So you need to conduct a research on these web site hosting service providers so as to get the best among them. To make your selection easy, we’ve gone ahead and conducted an unbiased web hosting review.

This website is a web hosting reviews site but with a difference. We have selected some of the world’s best web hosting companies and reviewed them. All the web site hosting reviews on our site are based on the reviews submitted by past or present customers of that particular web hosting in various forums. The website provides an access to the list of Best Affordable Web Hosting companies available on the net.

These Affordable Web Hosting companies have been selected based on many factors such as popularity, performance, feature, infrastructure, customer tech support, price, guarantee and many more.

1. Good Infrastructure:

The affordable web hosting company should have rock solid infrastructure so as to provide 100% network uptime availability. Ensure that it has fully redundant data centers in terms of power, connectivity and multiple bandwidths. Apart from online security it should have the best physical security and fire suppression system to give the best web hosting service to its customers.

2. Financial Stability:

The review ensures that you always opt the affordable web hosting companies that has excellent financial stability and in the business for years. It simply doesn’t consider the new service providers that may close down at any time due to strong competition in the web site hosting business.

3. Excellent Customer Support:

The web hosting service should not only be affordable but should also have an excellent customer tech support free of cost. It should be there for you 24/7. You should be able to talk to the technician even if it is 2 a.m. The affordable web hosting company should provide a toll free phone support or a real live support so as to assist the webmaster. The review does not consider the web hosting companies that offer only email support and any sub standard quality customer support.

4. Money Back Guarantee:

A minimum 30 day money back guarantee should be provided by every web hosting company. All the participant affordable web hosting companies should follow this unconditional money back guarantee policy and should clearly state it in its terms of service.

5. Price:

The best web hosting company is one that provides the best services at an affordable price. We do not consider any web hosting that charges more than $10 per month for shared web hosting account set-up.

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